A Community Vision for a future Glen Eira

We are developing a Vision with our community that will provide a clear direction towards a future Glen Eira. Our Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision will guide our strategic actions to achieve this future.

We conducted a comprehensive community engagement process and received more than 3,000 responses to our questions. We listened to the voices of our community members and understand their aspirations and priorities for the future.

Our community sees a future Glen Eira that is green and sustainable, that’s well designed with a mix of quality housing and local neighbourhood character. In the future it will be a place for active leisure, sporting activities and a place to connect, create and learn. It will be a safe place, clean and tidy and it will be connected and easy to move around in using any mode of transport. It will be diverse, inclusive and healthy and a home to arts and culture that celebrate our many forms of identity and heritage. The community will be informed and involved and supportive of residents in need. This future Glen Eira will be effectively and efficiently supported by Council.

A Deliberative Citizens’ Panel made up of 42 community members is now developing the Vision. The Panel is reviewing all feedback collected so its members can provide a collective response to the question: ‘What is our vision for the future of Glen Eira and how can we reflect the aspirations of our diverse and growing community?’

Two meetings of the Panel were held in March 2020 before the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic placed further meetings on hold. We hope to have the Panel members complete their deliberation throughout 2020 and present the Vision to Council in 2021.

For more information see the Mayor and CEO Overview, Theme Five — Informed and Engaged and visit the Glen Eira 2040 Community Vision page on our website.