1. Conferences, functions and training

This category covers registration fees for local conferences, functions, seminars and one-off or short-term training courses. They are usually held by Local Government organisations and professional bodies or institutions, in areas that impact on the role of Councillors and the City. Any conference, seminar, function or training that is likely to cost more than $750 must be approved by Council resolution.

2. Travel

This category covers Councillors’ transport costs to attend meetings, functions and other commitments within and outside the municipality. This includes taxis, reimbursement for using private vehicles for Council business and car parking fees and permits, as described in the Councillor Civic Support and Expense Policy.

3. Communication

This category covers Councillors’ communication costs to ensure they’re accessible and can contact residents, stakeholders, Councillors and Council officers while conducting Council business. This includes costs associated with use of mobile phones, tablets or iPads.

4. Child care and carers

We reimburse reasonable expenses for child care and carers so Councillors can carry out their duties. These include Council Meetings, assemblies of Councillors, meetings with community groups or organisations and property inspections.